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Restore Your Wellbeing, Reignite Your Drive And Reclaim Your Life —  Starting With Your Brain

Your Brain Controls Everything You Think, Do and Feel.

It is the center of your being, driving all your habits and behaviors.

When working well, your brain helps you thrive. But under physical or emotional distress, your brain causes your nervous system to react and creates a state of imbalances.

This can lead to unhealthy habits or self-destructive patterns that you repeat. Its not a lack of willpower — its all about brainpower. As a result, you experience unwanted disruption in all areas of your life, sabotaging your chance at success.

However, your brain can also adapt to changes and reorganize itself — known as the science of neuroplasticity.

This means one thing: you can rewire your brain and thrive. 

Learning how to fire up the neurons that wire your brain can strengthen plasticity and help it to work better and faster, with less effort and energy. 

Using the right tools and strategies, you have the power to rise above overwhelm and burnout so you can increase the possibilities in your life and amplify your impact in the world. 

We’ve developed a proven methodology called Actualized Wellbeing™ — a progressive, integrative, and holistic approach to help you optimize your performance and create an extraordinary life… using The Brain-First Approach To Thriving™. 

Discover The Science of Thriving.

Unlock Your Most Extraordinary Life. 

A Brain-First Approach To Wellbeing

The 5 Dimensions of Actualized Wellbeing

When you upgrade your brain, you upgrade your life. Actualized Wellbeing™ is a breakthrough approach that recognizes the undeniable connection between your brain and your behavior, based on cutting-edge modalities in neuroscience, positive psychology, functional medicine and so much more.

Optimize Your Life Through The Brain First Approach to Thriving™

Better Energy and Deeper Sleep

Healthier Habits and Reduced Anxiety

Greater Confidence and Higher Self-Worth

Meaningful Connections and Positive Relationships

Self-Awareness and Healthier Boundaries

Access Flow State and Optimal Performance

Heightened Focus and Constant Creativity

Revived Drive and Renewed Motivation

Emergo Couple

Our Story

Emergo Wellbeing was founded by Dave and Susan Kenney, certified brain health coaches who have received world-class training in areas such as applied neuroscience, positive psychology, human performance, addictions and recovery, motivational interviewing, mindset, sports nutrition, brain health coaching, and health & wellness coaching.  

Together, they co-founded a leading private residential treatment center for ten years, working with a challenged population struggling with life’s most complex and heartbreaking issues. 

Their proprietary methodology, Actualized Wellbeing™, has positively impacted thousands of people in their recovery from a range of conditions — including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, insomnia, addictions, eating disorders, PTSD, and more. 

Today, Dave and Susan are on a mission to lead a global awakening and inspire millions of people worldwide to restore their health, reignite their drive, and reclaim their life… with The Brain First Approach To Thriving™.

Actualized Wellbeing™  — Anytime, Anywhere.

Live Virtual Programs

Virtual learning and connection sessions, delivered live, to give you scientifically proven tools, integrative practices, and customized guidance that you can apply to your life.

Resort Retreats

Personalized experiences in the most beautiful locations where you can enhance your journey of wellbeing with great food, company, adventure, relaxation, and fun. 

5-Day In-Person Program

Step into our serene 14-acre private property for 5-days of transformative coaching, playful movement, catered nutrition, and Brain Echo sessions.

Personal Coaching

Master your life with private one-on-one coaching to launch you forward in your life or business from the comfort and safety of your home.

Corporate Wellbeing

Learn the remarkable benefits of incorporating Actualized Wellbeing principles into your workplace culture to increase employee retention, profitability, productivity, and more.

C-Suite & Performance Coaching

Tailored solutions for high level entrepreneurs, athletes, and C-Suite executives by leading you to achieve your optimal performance state and create a remarkable life.

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