The Emergo Wellbeing Story

Our mission was born from a single question:

“Can we fix a brain?”

Rise Above

In 2008, Dave, a devoted educator of 30+ years, was growing increasingly frustrated by outdated education systems that allowed students to fail and fall through the cracks of conservative academic expectations.

The constant pressure to perform had put vulnerable teenagers from the esteemed private school where he worked at risk of self-destructive behavior, depression, and even substance abuse… with nowhere to turn for help.

This caused Dave great strife.

It was during this period that Dave met Susan, a master graduate of Rapport Leadership and youth advocate who was deeply curious about functional medicine and the undeniable connection between brain health and the human body.

Dave and Susan would offer as much support and mentorship as they could to these students, but they suspected that more could be done, and needed to be done to give them a fair chance at success.

They were aware that human behavior is driven by brain function, and that learning challenges, and self destructive choices among many others, are directly related to the imbalances in a person’s brain. It made them wonder… can balance be restored? More importantly — can we fix a brain?

Upon years of study, they discovered the advancements of neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to actively change and reorganize itself. It was then that Dave and Susan realized that they could help people rewire and optimize their brain function to overcome their behavioral challenges… and create a better chance at thriving.

Emergo Recovery

In 2011, they founded Emergo Recovery— an intimate residential recovery center that helped people flourish through a brain first approach to wellbeing. They also developed a proprietary methodology called Actualized Wellbeing™, which focuses on optimizing brain function through five key modalities: Physical, Psychological, Relationships, Purpose, and Wealth.

For 10 years, Emergo Recovery thrived as a leading private residential treatment center, helping thousands of hopeless clients, and their family, in their recovery from a range of conditions — including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, addictions, eating disorders, concussions, PTSD, and much more.

Pandemic Changes

In April 2020, when the pandemic forced them to close the residential center, Dave and Susan quickly emerged as leaders following their purpose of service to others through transformational, evidenced-based wellbeing programs.

They realized that all over the world, there were more and more people struggling to cope with the repercussions of lockdowns, restrictions, and greater uncertainty… spiraling them into great distress and self-destructive behavior.

Through Emergo Wellbeing, Dave and Susan are dedicated to inspire people and give them the tools and support they need to restore their health, reignite their drive, and reclaim their life — with The Brain-First Approach To Thriving™.

Our Founders

Dave Kenney, Ph.D. (Candidate)

Dave is Co-founder and Executive Director at Emergo Wellbeing. He holds a master’s degree (M.Ed.) in education from Northwestern State University and is a Ph.D. candidate at Canterbury University, focusing on neuroscience and psychology. Dave’s leadership in the field of wellbeing and performance coaching is recognized as he has been selected by his peers as the Chairman for the Health and Wellness Graduate program at Humber College. He is also a certified Brain Health Coach (Amen Clinics), Life Coach (Coachville), Recovery Coach and has been trained in Self-Management for Addiction Recovery (SMART Recovery).

Susan Kenney, CHWC, CiPP

Susan is Co-founder and Program Director at Emergo Wellbeing. She is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach (CHWC) recognized by Wellcoaches. She is also a certified Brain Health Coach (Amen Clinics), Life Coach (Coachville), and Sports Nutritionist (BodyMind Institute), Reiki Master, and certified in Positive Psychology (CiPP). Currently, Susan is completing her practitioner training program in Functional Medicine at the Kresser Institute.

The 5 Dimensions of Actualized Wellbeing™

When you upgrade your brain, you upgrade your life. Actualized Wellbeing™ is a breakthrough approach that recognizes the undeniable connection between your brain and your behavior, based on cutting-edge modalities in neuroscience, positive psychology, functional medicine and so much more.

Our Values






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